Hello!  I’m Ryan Conners, a self-taught cat folk artist from California. (Currently in NW PA)

I have two beautiful children, Tiarnan Smari and Anna Siobhan, and six beautiful cats, Joaquin, Wally, Willow, Stevie, Rosebud, and the semi-feral girl Lily!

I started painting in 2003, a few years after leaving the U.S. Navy where I was an IT (I fixed computers) and moving back to the U.S. from Iceland.

I always loved art but aside from teaching myself to create art in Illustrator, Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, and Photoshop, I hadn’t really painted with traditional mediums.

It was at my Mother’s suggestion that I buy some paints and paintbrushes and see what I could do.

So I started painting what I loved, cats! Here we are 16 years later and I’m still painting what I love. =^..^=