I love to travel, and travel has always been a big inspiration for me personally and professionally. Bohemian in nature,  a reincarnated gypsy from days gone by. If I am physically moving – in a car, plane, boat, train – I’m totally happy. I get cabin fever amazingly fast. A day-trip or an art show usually alleviates the feeling of being in one place too long.

I am convinced sea water courses through my veins.

I pursue my art as a full-time exhibiting artist doing both fine craft and fine art shows, showing primarily paper mosaics.

I continue to write as a contributing columnist and features writer at Sunshine Artist magazine, and have had photographs published in Coastal Living and The Sunmagazines. I used to freelance as a travel writer and have a couple of book titles under my belt. Always looking for creative opportunities, I love public art, and  have done some tile mosaic projects in Ocala and Cedar Key. I recently had the occasion to be the recipient of some old floor tile from the 1947 American Legion and Greyhound Bus Station in downtown Daytona Beach, FL.  I have donated a large sunflower mosaic with some of the floor tiles for the organic cafe that will be part of the new renovation.

Feel free to click on over to to see both the horse I created for Horse Fever in Ocala, 2001, and the Art Van, LuluBelle – which is a continuing labor of love!

I have been blessed enough to travel many places: England, Ireland, France Germany, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Greece, Argentina. Most recently,  I traveled back to Italy (second trip) in May of 2015, and visited Venice and Lido, as well as the Greek Islands of Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and Olympia. In 2016, I traveled to Seattle, WA and Portland, OR and in August of 2017, a trip to Maine and Vermont is in the planning stages!

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